Combat COVID-19

Teens from Eagan High School Refurbish Used Computers for Families In Need

A less known front in fighting COVID-19 is to ensure kids of all families have access to online classes. Two teens Timmy Tu and Eric Li from our local Chinese community at Eagan decided to do something to help.

Since the start of the Pandemic, they realized that computers are in dire need because the kids have to take class from home. With a few other teens, they started a non-profit called Cirtuit Savers ( to ask people to donate cash or used equipments. They will refurbish and deliver to people in need.

So far (May 20), they have collected 53 devices in donations and $541 in cash. While the amount may be small, this is a great starting point. What can the community do to help this initiative? Please check out their website (


With a financial donation we can use the money to fix a computer that has been waiting on a part. For example we receive computers with missing parts or failed batteries.


If you have any computers that work or don’t work we can use them, whether for just a fix up or to salvage the parts for other computers. Everything is appreciated!


Spreading the word is very important! We want everyone to help others, whether it be directly or just by giving away a computer to a refurbisher.

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